Mark's Veg Plot
I live in Fleet, Hampshire, UK, with my wife Jane. I am a Lecturer in IT Service Management. My main hobby is growing edible plants, and photographing them -- and now blogging! I am also interested in cooking, and all matters related to Food and Drink.
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Late May update 21
Self-Sufficiency on Sunday May 28 2017 04:57
Softening the edges 28
Self-Sufficiency on Saturday May 27 2017 04:34
PSB - the cycle begins again 53
Self-Sufficiency on Friday May 26 2017 04:58
Tomato progress report 33
Self-Sufficiency on Thursday May 25 2017 04:42
First chilli sets fruit 34
Self-Sufficiency on Wednesday May 24 2017 04:42
Planting Cucumbers and Courgettes 61
Self-Sufficiency on Tuesday May 23 2017 04:34
Potting-up Pelargonium cuttings 33
Self-Sufficiency on Monday May 22 2017 08:35
Happy beans 90
Self-Sufficiency on Sunday May 21 2017 04:42
A non-veg post 35
Self-Sufficiency on Saturday May 20 2017 04:58
The start of the Salad season 27
Self-Sufficiency on Friday May 19 2017 04:50